Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm here and I'm still sewing

I haven't posted in ages and I have no really good excuse, especially since I have been sewing and I've even taken pictures of some finished projects but just haven't had the chance to put them up!

I'm moving ever closer toward my goal of usually wearing at least one thing that I've made. Mostly because I've actually finally made some stuff that I want to wear. Still, the half-finished items are more plentiful than the finished, as are the mostly finished that aren't working out quite right and that I can't figure out how to fix.

I posted in the Sewing Pattern Review boards about my frequent problem of needing to take up the shoulders in dresses that I make and got some good suggestions about changing the patterns rather than trying to change the garment once it's put together. problem is I am lazy so I have to start by trying the easiest possible fix and then work toward the ones that are harder if the first try doesn't work. I had wanted to get started on some vintage patterns, but I don't want to try out any alterations on the vintage stuff until I figure out if they will work or not.

I picked up several new patterns on sale at the Vogue website so here are a couple of those, none of which I've actually made yet naturally. Although I did cut out 8108 with some fabric I got on my pilgrimage to Mood Fabrics, and I'm super excited to find some fabric that will work with that plaid thing.

Hopefully I will have time soon to post the pics of finished projects because I'm really really proud of them and want to show them off.