Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The universe wants me to make muslins

OK, I haven't posted in ages, mostly because I've been busy with other stuff, mostly work-related, and going to various meetings and events in an effort to network to get my consulting business jump-started a little bit. But also because I'm pretty frustrated with my sewing right now.

I have been sewing sewing sewing but there's always something wrong with almost everything I make. I made the Burda shirt dress, but had to take up the shoulders and then couldn't get the collar to work again, so I did it without the collar, which doesn't look as good as I wanted, but I didn't have any fabric left to recut the collar in a size that will fit. And now I've also noticed that the darts need taking in because it's too big and looks a little like a maternity dress.

I'm making Butterick 4973 in a nice olive green knit, and it is simple and will be great... if I can only get the neckline not to gape.

My striped corduroy pencil skirt rides up weirdly and has a big wrinkle across the front when I wear it. I have no idea what THAT's all about. I made it ages ago and haven't felt good about wearing it since because of this problem.

I can deal with the darts on the shirt dress, but the rest is making me crazy. The only things I've made that have really worked out for me so far are the center view of Vogue 8300 in a black denim (the facing's wonky but it's on the inside and doesn't show so it counts as ok), my easter dress
which is nice but not often wearable, and the grey knit dress I wore all around NYC. Which I guess is pretty good, that's 3 things, but I'm working on so many more that are not working out! And I'm tired of using my seam ripper all the time.

anyhow I'm just ranting now. but it's driving me nuts and causing me not to really want to post here like I had been before. I think the universe is telling me to make muslins from now on, but darn it I don't want to!!

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Sarah said...

The universe wants me to make muslins too. Curse you, universe!

However, I suppose that muslins might be considered character-building...