Sunday, September 16, 2007

Burda 8075

This may be my favorite thing yet to make, because it came out nicely and was very easy. Don't get me wrong, I love my duro dress, but this one didn't require me to set in sleeves. Which, I'm getting better at, but it's still a huge pain in the ass.

The first time I tried to make this pattern was a disaster. It was the project that taught me that I have an unusually short measurement from my shoulder to my bust point. Does that mean I'm short-waisted? I've been told I'm short-waisted but this measurement has nothing to do with my waist so I think it's something different. Short-busted? That just sounds strange.

Anyhow after realizing this I started cutting out my patterns differently to adjust. I cut everything for my usual size, which is hovering around 16 now (I am biting my tongue, no more self-judgement, it's not helpful!) but all the parts above the bust I cut out along the line for size 12 or 14. I leave the widths the same, using the size 16 cutting line, but anything length related, and then the neckline and collar, I cut at the smaller size line.

And it came out great!

That's Sparky in the picture with me. I wanted to pick him up for the picture but he doesn't like it much and it also would have obstructed the top of the dress. I've been wearing it, as you can see, with black leggings and red ballet flats. I also carry around a red cardigan to go over it. When it gets colder out I think I'll still wear it with a black turtleneck underneath, black tights, black boots, and my black leather jacket over it.


Cherie said...

Hey, lady, that dress is very cute on you! And the red shoes, TDF! I'm "short breasted" also, and it is part of being short-waisted. If you measure from your bust point to your waistline, then go to a pattern and measure, I believe you'll find that is short also. I'm even "short-hipped", meaning that my pelvis is very short, I have a very short rise. Luckily, I have longer legs than my height normally, so I'm saved. But it's one of the reasons I started sewing, and am doing it again now! But that is one reason the Duro looked so very cute on you, it gave you very long legs! Body shapes are pretty interesting, actually!

Sarah said...

I think the term is "high busted", which sort of sounds flattering and sort of sounds like you're in a whole lot of trouble... But I'm no expert. :)

Madfoot said...

Oh! there was a standup comic named billy connolly, and he had a bit about his mom saying "the queen is a very high-busted woman," and not having ANY idea what that meant.

I'm apparently long-waisted, which means that I am normal height but have stubby legs.

Love this dress. Hi BUSTER!

Oh Holly, you've got to see my new old sewing machine!

Madfoot said...

Oh my lord. I mean hi SPARKY!