Friday, February 16, 2007

I bought a dress form!

I've been shopping like a demon for things to feed my current sewing obsession, and while I've probably bought lots of fabric and patterns that I didn't need and won't use for a while I did make one purchase that I think is an actual good investment.

It's a vintage adjustable dress form, not in the absolute best-looking condition, but good enough for me I think.

I had been looking off and on for a form, but they were all always too expensive or not in the right measurements. This one has a plaque on it with the range of measurements and it's uncanny, the range is exactly my range: the skinniest I tend to get on the lower range, and the biggest I tend towards on the upper. Which unfortunately is the range I'm at right now, but that's another lament for another time.
Anyway I'm hoping having a decent dress form will help me get better at fitting things, which has been a bit of a challenge for me. I also want to learn more about how to design my own stuff, and I just signed up for a draping class at Stitch Lounge next month to get going on that. I can't drape without a dress form, so I HAD to get this.

I also went to a Presidents' Day sale at my fave fabric store and got some deals on stuff I've been wanting, including some black eyelet which I want to make a dress out of (I need to find a good pattern now) and some houndstooth wool for a cape I want to make out of a pattern I already have.

Earlier in the week I cut out the pieces for a halter dress out of some black cherry-print fabric, and I want to whip that up tonight and tomorrow to wear to a rockabilly concert I might go to Saturday. It is very important that it look great, and very hot rockabilly-alicious, because I'm auditioning next weekend to sing for this band. I'm not nervous about the singing part, but I'm nervous about the image I will need to project, so I want to make a great first impression.
I'll post pics of some of the other fabrics and things I've gotten lately, and update my works in progress list soon. I'm just pretty psyched about the possibility of having some new things soon. I do need to rein in the spending from here on out though. Hm, maybe after I buy the duro dress pattern. I have some awesome Dia de los Muertos fabric I want to make it out of!

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