Thursday, February 22, 2007

Perfectionism in Picture Posting

I've been putting off posting because I want to put up pictures of a couple of finished projects but haven't had a chance to take any, mostly because I am vain and want to look good in the pictures without having to crop off my head due to a bad hair day or laziness-induced lack of makeup. Last Sunday I actually wore one of my new things over to a friend's house, and got my boyfriend to take some pictures, one of which I erased because I thought I looked fat and the others I asked him to download for me today and email so I could post them (I'm at work today and he's not).

Well, they're not here because he claimed they didn't look good enough because they didn't properly feature the shirt and refused to send them and offered to take new pictures tomorrow night. So tomorrow we'll have a little modeling session and I'll get pics of the sleeveless cowl-neck dress I finished, the blouse I wore in the rejected photos, and hopefully the halter dress that I didn't get done in time to wear out last Saturday and that still needs hemming.

I suppose I should thank him for looking out for me and making sure I don't post crappy-ass photos on my blog, but I do also think he's a bit of a perfectionist. In the meantime here is a picture of me at the park where the Giants play, wearing a scarf I made that you can't see very well but that I love. I tell people that I only had to skin 3 or 4 muppets to spin the yarn for it. Because I'm funny that way.

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