Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scout the dog and Scout the pillow

I haven't had the time to take new pictures of my work, even though I finished the Butterick 4720 (or is it 4920? the wrap dress thing) and it looks pretty good. I'm busy now setting up blogging from my phone, and from flickr. So this is a test of blogging directly from flickr, with a picture of my dog Scout and a pillow I made representing my dog Scout. I made this quite some time ago, and it has since been ever so slightly chewed by the new dog Sparky. Maybe it was jealousy and he needs his own face on a pillow. I should work on that!

I just used scraps that I cut into the appropriate shapes, placed on the square background, and then satin stitched around on the sewing machine. Next time I go through my scraps I'll see if I have enough to make one for Sparky, and also one for my cat Owen who died around New Year's and who I really miss. I always meant to make one of his face when he was still with us, but I'll have to do it as a memorial instead.

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