Friday, March 16, 2007

Sweet sewing dreams

Actually, it's a little more like insomnia, but I have this thing that I do when I'm trying to fall asleep at night. I make lists. I'm an obsessive listmaker, I do it as much for fun or to occupy myself as for organizational purposes.

The things that I list vary over time according to my current interests... ok, obsessions. But there are a few things that I come back to again and again. One is a list of names. Even years ago, before I ever thought seriously about having kids, I'd make lists in my head of baby names I liked, mostly girls' names, but sometimes boys' if I really wanted a challenge. I'd go through the alphabet and have either one name per letter, or as many names per letter as I could think of. Sometimes they'd have to be names I actually liked, and sometimes they'd have to be names I really really hated.

Most recently I gave myself the challenge of listing one girl's name and one boy's name for each letter, and every one had to be unusual or uncommon, but still something that I would consider naming a kid without feeling like I would be traumatizing the poor sprog for life. For example, D might be Dahlia, because that is both unusual and pretty, but not Dorcas, which is just unusual and old-fashioned but not suitable for today's public school playgrounds.

Anyhow the other things that I always like to list are articles of clothing. In this case it's not just a list of words, but a list of images in my head of outfits I'd like to wear. Sometimes for a particular occasion. Sometimes I restrict myself to new combinations of clothing pieces I actually already own, or to new pieces added to complete outfits of things I have already.

My absolute favorite is to mentally plan what to pack for a trip. The restriction I put on myself for that is to take the absolute minimum amount of clothing necessary to be stylish and ready for every anticipated activity on the trip, so mostly everything has to match and be interchangeable and layerable (I know, not a word, but whatever) and probably all go with a single pair of shoes that I can walk in, or maybe one pair of walking shoes and one pair of dress shoes depending on what's planned for the trip.

Lately though I've added to my list making: I'm now making mental lists of all the stuff i want to sew. Again, always with challenges/restrictions, either the same ones as with my other wardrobe lists, or the newest one which is that it has to be stuff I can do either with the patterns I have already or with the fabric stash I have already.

Anyhow I'm beside myself with joy over my current bedtime listmaking possibilities because not only do I have a sizeable stash of patterns and fabric, but I also have a trip to plan for! To NYC, in April! Can I sew most of my wardrobe for the trip? Probably not, but that won't stop me from trying.

Anyhow I'm posting the pattern envelope pics for my latest two acquisitions, both Burda, which I've never sewn before. The shirtdress will be in all black, with some darling little mod black and white buttons. The wrap dress will be this stretchy brown and blue sort of crinkly chevron stripe pattern stuff I got on my last trip to Fabrix. Only the black is likely to go to NYC with me though, so I'll probably start with that.

I'm still not done with the tunic dress because I need to pick up some elastic, and get up my courage for setting the sleeves in. I'm not so good at sleeves yet, I haven't practiced much. I could leave it sleeveless but really don't want to because I have farmer arms right now (you know, glaring white at the top and sort of tanned on the bottom) plus I need to tone up to avoid the dreaded upper arm jigglies.

The black eyelet is on my schedule for this weekend; I haven't gotten around to ripping out the disastrous collar yet because I've been hemming a halter dress in the hopes of actually, you know, totally finishing at least SOMETHING sometime soon. I save hemming and/or ripping to do by hand in front of the tv while I watch my shows, most of which are on hiatus right now because of the basketball championships or something.

Also in the planning stage: a nice big chunky stylish beret type thing I want to knit or crochet. I need more decent-looking hats for bad hair days now that my hair is growing out and doesn't look as good with my short-hair hats from before.

And seriously, I'm going to get some decent pictures of my own up soon. I really don't care as much as my boyfriend does that they're perfect, so I'm just going to do it myself and stop counting on him to fix them for me, at least for the blog where it doesn't matter that much as long as they don't totally suck.

(oh, and I'm so excited, I actually got a comment! a helpful one! yay, I'm not totally posting into the vast wilderness of unread internet space!)


Stacy said...

I think about sewing before I fall asleep - that's why my pattern and fabric stash is so large.... ROFL.

Lisa said...

Holly, I absolutely LOVE that first dress. I am such a novice sewer but almost want to buy the pattern myself. Maybe if you come back and say it was super-easy....

I also wanted to say, I like your blog a lot, it's different from everything else I'm reading. (Mainly about books and crochet/knitting.)


Violette Crumble said...

Hi Holly, I stumbled over here somehow and really like your blog and your taste. What is that cape pattern below? New or old? Please join this flickr group for vintage patterns being sewn in new fabrics:

Also, in case you don't already know this, the garment district in NYC is bt. 41st St. down to about 36thst. from 8th ave to 5th ave. Start out at 41st and 8th for a great selection of fabric and trim shops that will make your head spin. Don't miss Tinsel Trading for unreal vintage trim (grosgain ribbon and a million vintage velvet and cloth flowers).

Rita said...

Hi Holly, you beautiful girl,
this is the first time I saw your Blog, and I like it very much. Thank you for sharing your thoughts etc. I enjoyed reading aLL of it. What kind of fabric did you use or will use for the Burda 8075? Is that a Retro Dress. I have never made any of those, but this one intrigues me fo some reason. I like to look good at all times to, you know. Have a great evening. Rita

Holly said...

wow, thanks for the comments. I haven't made the Burda 8075 yet but I was planning to use some plain black cotton blend, nothing special. It's not marked as a retro pattern but it looks kind of retro to me which is probably why I like it. The cape thing from earlier is also a Burda and also not technically retro but I'm basing it on a vintage thing my friend has.